Familiar Person Syndrome

Sometimes we probably know about someone who have extremely stunning achievement about their life, or sometimes we meet with a person who always make something extraordinary that is depicted from their activity, it seems like you merely so ordinay and don’t have word anymore.

At point of you, you will perceive like nothing man, where is me since ever yet?, you never know about information, you don’t have passion to read a book, a special book, differ fro the other one. You cannot take a place to find the information, you just step away from that and life happily only with those things that you get until now, whereas, you never know that everything that you get since ever are like nothing if it compares with them.

Information is the biggest part of life. Not get information, it will impede you to get some astonish thing. So, what the immediately step that should do first to break this comfort zone. Absolutely, it will be abridged in a phrase ” Familiar Person Syndrome”. What the hell is that?

This is like you feel that yourself so familiar and trying to ensure that all of you channel are activated into significant frequency. Just try to think about how he can get something extraordinary and replicate into your mind and find the fantasy. After that, take an action, a million action to get close with them, learn from them, know about their custom, their special activity that purely differ from other person. Channel back into your life and just keep in kind that someday, you will get a marvellous thing that you never imagine before.

Familiar person syndrome like dream churn out into perfect reality.

“Some friend besides me get so many difference path, but it seems like extraordinary, it can inspire me, truly”

“Just still don’t understand how they can get it” (Sambil geleng-geleng dan manggut-manggut kepala, ngerasa sososososo ordinary, kya)


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