IBEC day 1

IBEC refers to Indonesia British Education Centre, held their education expo and seminar on 2 consecutives days, 13-14 February in comfort place, Intercontinental hotel, midplaza, Jakarta.

Its awesome to attend the agenda due to there are so many high rangking university from UK was invited.

Firstime, i am still feel awkward just because not to good in english to speak up. But i am try to push my self, to sit in front of the representatives of the university then started to ask question.

Lancaster and glasgow were the university which i wanna know. I have been search and try to apply in lancaster but not complete yet due to i am still not finalise my personal statement and essay. In my perspective, lancaster was good to manage their website. It was easy to find the information, about subject, dormitory, study environtment, people, furthermore, they have announced in seperate page about indonesian Only. It inform about scholarship which the mostly Indonesian student obtained, requirement, then video about lancaster and also there was the best dormitory hall all over the UK. I am not telling you about the quality of study, however we know that their level of study higher than us, then i will not argue about that because i am sure, they have a good quality education, supported by high quality lecturer, library and other support things, then at first, i am falling in love to Lancaster. But at the time, i did not get opportunity to directly asking the question because so many student interested in.

How about glasgow, i met with Mrs. Lie as representative. She said that glasgow located in scotland which supported by friendly people, very big library, so many student society, high quality leturer then opportunity of employibility. I asked her to convinced me why i should choice glasgow as my postgraduate degree. She only said that it was depend on us, the way we are success also supported by where we obtained our degree, but moreover, its depend on how much struggle you are to afford your future. Glasgow offer the student with the high quality of education, same with other, then the way you get succcess was determined by how much you can use the opportunity. Then i think, it absolutely correct.

The 2nd days will held today, i will join again, because i am still curious to asking and direclty discuss with representative from manchester, birmingham, lancaster and sussex university. And i also want to participate in their seminar about how to make a strong personal statement.

But in this morning, get healthy at first by doing the car free day, then also attend the agenda in istiqlal. I think, it quietly busy day even it actually holiday.

Hope Allah bless me to realise my dream and pick the promise. Bismillah.



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