Break your selfish

After living with small view, you will find that your life begin too bore, doing the daily activity, going to workplace, facing the crowded traffic in the morning, meeting with the bossy bos, pressuring with the workload, as far as this situation happen continously, it will influence the way your thinking, spirit to be a person with more socialife tend to reduce gradually, then it will become worst when the stress happen.

Break the selfish is not a simple, every single situation will make you tired, moreover, if you do not try to change your mind, be open minded, open with the new thing, living in community, if you do not try to cacth it, you spirit to be a person who has benefit to society will be dismissed.

Then, please break your selfish, be a volunteer, meet with the new thing and the new people, join with the new community, be a positive, feel the new life, search the new opportunity which challange your social life, do not let your self to be a selfish and individualism, because we are human being, and need to life in social culture, break your introvert, finally, you will find that your life is more colourful than before.

We are still young, and please life with passion, and be a grateful person. Please search every single new thing that you never try before, the new positive thing absolutely, new place, hopefully your life more beneficial to the other.


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