One year

Then the time running  quickly, it took 1 year after join with this company. So many knowledge have been reached and some of deadline have been achieved. I am just wonder that i am still stand in this position eventhough it so hard to meet expectation from my superior or subordinate. Sometime i am feeling to give up on that way and just hope to get other opportunity which suitable with my imagine, my future. But i am still stay to meet the right time.

Just very gratefull for all of destiny that Allah give to me, just try to be positive for each single moment in every second time which i spent in this company.

Hopefully i can be eager than before, and always to search the other great opportunity as a promise by God to realize my dream as compensation of patient and hard ways passing during the time.

Now ramadhan, just believe Allah will receive my Dua about the better life, the new working place, meet with my sholehah spouse, to build the madrasah family. Ameen.

In 10 day left of ramadhan.


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