See you when i see you

Now i am on the way to back home, leaving the crowded city, Jakarta. I donot believe that i live in Jakarta, the city of people, city of unappropriate, city of diversity, city of bad weather. Yah, this is Jakarta, offering you some of negative things, but in other side, couple of opportunity of working place stay there. Every single person try to get high carreer then when they back home, they will be having a proud, but in fact, the life is not simply like that, you need to ensure all of single action was inline with other people expectation, sometime, you find that the benefit which you get after giving everything, below your expectation.

I have heard from Pak Haikal Hasan, one of islamic marketing practitioners, he said that if you think what you get from your job was not same with what you give for the Company, Allah will give you another compensation, such as healthy, patient or anything, to compesate it. I believe on that quote.

Now, its time for me to take abreak for a moment, back to my home village, place where teach me about love, happiness and quietly soul. I am tired. So tired. But my Allah give be that chance, the live where i repeatedly think in my mind.

May Allah bless me and safe flight a head.

Ya Rabb, thank for everything.


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