Idul adha 1437 H

Today is the celebration day of qurban. It has been exampled by Nabi Ibrahim As thousand years ago. Definition of qurban not only slaughter cows or goat, but beyond that, it is giving us meaning to share the happiness to the poor, to everyone outhere that not feeling happy with their life, that need our help to create their smile in the moment.

When i try to linking back the time where living more socialize, we can find the very strong story of welfareness. Umar bin abdul aziz was very prominent khalifa who has been create the justice, prosperity around the arabian peninsula. The way he lead the nation was totally incredible. He uphold the justice and did not make categorize whithin moslem or not. Then every single person was very appreciate, it record the history until now.

Our purpose as nation was the same. The government appointed by society to create their welfare, but sometime the government as agent did not manage the appointment very well. Effect to increase in poverty in daily basis. But in islam, we have the concept of shadaqah, infaq, waqaf and zakat, then it is the way we help the other unlucky one. We only hope that oneday the God will choose us the good leader, leader who love their society and vice versa.

Idul adha was another great moment to personalize the way we see the other one. We need tobe more socialize as a sign of feeling gratefull for kindness of God who trust the nikmat eager than other one and we need to realize those contingencies. Lets help the other, then Allah will give the kind to us, just hope the countenance of Allah on it.

Now, i am in different moment of life, 2 consecutive year after working in EY was a great moment for me. So many knowledge have been achieved and when i try thinking for that year, i have dreamed to get new environment, new friend, and new mosque to shalat, and then Allah pick my dua then realize. Last idul adha prayed those things dan now, everything done.

Next, it will great, new friend, new world, new mosque, it only couples day later to go to great working place. Lets go globally. Bismillahirrohmanirrahim, Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, Allahuakbar…

*Ied Adha pray’s in Sunda Kelapa Mosque, 10 Zulhijjah 1437 H…


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