End of spring

Now, you are in there, the land where season appear in many face, accompany you the story of struggling to the future. You afford your future with defenitely hard, straightforward, ellegant, and then bright footstep. The challange is coming with many ways, rather than act smooth, push into the top of you limit, but as many as bottleneck come and go, you are still rocking with good attitude. Achieving something every moment was in your blood.

Dont make it so hard, because someone outthere run in to you. Coming over you. Bring and still step away looking you in back of glasses. In the same ryhtim to get closely the meet time. Shall he run to you?, no it is not quite good, because you don’t.

Only 2 season in this place but he can feel your season, spring always bring melancolic drama,  instead of usual one. Just send the sign, then he will prove the promise.

(Midnite, even couldn’t sleep)


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